Funny / Insightful Quotes

Every great discovery was once an accident with potential.

-- Rick Atkisson

There's one thing about a Mobius pancake: It's either burnt or it's not.

Shoot low boys. They're ridin' Shetlands.

-- Mike Robert Avery

If I had a dime for every minute I spent in limbo, I could afford to stay there.

-- Mick Bean

Most people are busy propping up the house of cards, that they don't want to live in, anyway.

If you can't sing anything nice, don't sing anything at all.

-- Timothy William Butcher

Spiders rarely trip.

-- Doug Edwards

Actions speak louder than clothing.

-- Kevin Kin

I have more memory than I need to know about.

-- Scott Lang

Transcend your primate morphology.

-- Brent Alan Munkres

Communication is the Lubrication of the Universe.

If memory is a geometrical relationship among neurons, then concepts are textures.

-- Me

And finally, a word from Larry Wall:

If you're going to pour your creative energies into a lump of code,
why not make the world a better place while you're at it?

These random blurtings were collected by Gene Boggs.

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